Here at Blue Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care, the amenities and programs we offer as part of our senior living options are tailored to our residents’ unique preferences and needs. Health and wellness are of utmost priority in our senior living community, and we strive to constantly improve and provide an extensive range of accessible, quality healthcare services for all residents.

About Our 24/7 Medical Care

If you or a loved one require round-the-clock care and support, senior assisted living by Blue Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care is an excellent option worth considering. Our professional team of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and care associates is always on standby to provide on-site medical and therapy services for residents. The care services we provide are world-class and make residents’ senior living experience all the more fulfilling and comforting. All our trained professionals will deliver quality care for you or your loved ones with the right attitude and expertise, so you never have to worry.

Benefits of Having 24/7 Medical Care in Your Senior Living Community

Our 24/7 medical team is made up of Medicare-certified care professionals with experience and expertise in providing personalized health and wellness support for residents. Our primary goal is to ensure that residents feel comfortable, secure, and have peace of mind as they enjoy their golden years in our world-class community. Medical care is an essential, all-inclusive service all residents can expect to receive, regardless of their specific needs and health conditions. Not only do residents reap physical and mental benefits; they also get to have an enhanced quality of life.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

It is important to know when to make the transition to a senior living community. There are several factors to consider:

  • You or your loved one has a medical condition that may become more severe and/or require additional support to manage
  • Living independently at home has raised financial and medical concerns
  • You or your loved one’s primary caregiver can no longer provide the adequate support
  • You or your loved one requires help with accomplishing everyday tasks

If you can relate to any of the above points, perhaps it is time to consider making the move to our senior living community at Blue Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care. Be rest assured in knowing that you or your loved one will have access to medical care at any time.

Why Choose Blue Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care?

Blue Ridge Assisted Living and Memory Care is committed to providing the support and resources you or your loved one requires to lead a happy, enriching, and healthy lifestyle. Innovative strategies, intensive training, and practical skills form the foundation of our exceptional medical care services. Coupled with our top-notch health and wellness programs and comfortable amenities, we have all that residents need to spend their golden years.

To learn more about living in Blue Ridge, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what we have to offer.