The term gourmet is derived from “Gourmont” which is a French word originally used to describe a wine taster, but over the last two hundred years has evolved to include food. Gourmet cooking involves excellent culinary presentation combined with a mouthwatering flavor.

About Our Senior Living Dining Experience

Blue Ridge maintains an in-house team of professional chefs who are on hand to prepare and deliver gourmet meals on a daily basis. Many of the ingredients they utilize are quite rare while others are locally sourced.  We prioritize fresh ingredients and a true master chef understands that it is the glaze and stock used for flavoring dishes that define their gourmet status.

Benefits of Having Senior Dining Experience in Your Retirement Community

No dish should be classified as gourmet if its stock is poorly flavored. Stock consists of the broth which is derived from animal bones combined with the vegetables and herbs which are utilized for producing the bouillon. Bone marrow produces a rich flavor and should always serve as the basis for all gourmet sauces.

Another factor that separates the fine dining we offer from standard retirement home food is the quality and cut of the meat. Rather than using grounded Angus beef, authentic fine dining incorporates Waygu beef that has been shipped from Japan. The meat should then be prepared using the proper techniques and be served alongside a sumptuous sauce that provides spectacular flavor with each bite.

Our chefs are extremely versatile and can cook meals in various ways. For instance, they can produce marinade derived from onion, vinegar, and wine where the meat must be marinated for twenty-four hours. This is just one example of the many culinary techniques our chefs employ.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Blue Ridge is the prime destination for retirees looking for a place where they can enjoy fine dining on a regular basis. The amount of time and energy which goes into true gourmet cooking is considerable. Ingredients must be meticulously selected and reduced to their smallest flavorful constituents and this is a process that can take hours. Even if you have the rare skill and experience needed to produce such meals, it is likely that you prefer spending your time doing other things, particularly if you are sixty-five years of age and older. This is why we employ master cooks who will prepare unforgettable meals on your behalf.

Why Choose Blue Ridge for Senior Living?

Many retirees dread conventional retirement homes because of the bland cafeteria food they serve, and this is something we empathize with. This is why Blue Ridge hires professional chefs to produce meals that you’ll look forward to every day, because they’ll elevate your taste buds to a new level while providing the vitamins and nutrients needed to keep your body and mine in outstanding condition. This combined with the therapy and fitness programs we offer makes Blue Ridge Georgia’s premier retirement destination!

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