Retirees all have rich and rewarding stories to tell which highlight their unique histories. Passing down this precious information to one’s forebears has become a tradition that has existed in some families for generations, and advances in technology now make it easier for this lineage to be stored and recorded in multiple ways.

About My Story Book at Our Retirement Community

Blue Ridge encourages its members to craft journals that can be used to record their life’s history and accomplishments. This is important information that should never disappear in time or be forgotten as it benefits descendants by offering them a glimpse of how things were done in the past and how your family came to be what it is in the present time. This information will be cherished for years to come.

Benefits of Having My Story Book in Your Retirement Community

For many people, if not most, the history of their family is a mystery. Some might have a vague idea of where their ancestors originated from, but few have concrete details or anything which has been recorded in writing. The main advantage of creating a story book is to pass down information that will inform and educate future family members. Rather than being forgotten, they will be able to read your own writings and learn about the things you did and who you were as a human being.

This is something that people take for granted in the modern era. In the distant past, only kings and emperors had the literacy and resources needed to record their accomplishments, while everyone else vanished into the sands of time, with their hopes, dreams, and deeds disappearing with them. This is a fate that no one should want. Do you want your great-grandchildren to forget about you, to not know anything about what you did or who you were? Creating a story book is the best way to ensure they don’t.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Retirement Community?

Blue Ridge is a versatile community and is capable of accommodating active retirees as well as those who are mobility challenged because of injury or age-related ailments. Our goal is to help you recover in comfort while providing access to therapy sessions and activities which are designed to help you work through your limitations as much as possible.

Why Choose Blue Ridge for Senior Living?

Many in the 65+ age group decide to become members of our association because they are wealthy yet bored and a bit lonely, and want to be around others of a similar social class and age group that they can confide in and socialize with. For families that are struggling to care for their grandparents or parents, Blue Ridge provides an ideal opportunity for them to gain access to cutting edge therapy and medical care, and this combined with the host of amenities we offer such as private furnished dwellings, concierge services, and gourmet dining makes us Georgia’s preeminent retirement destination.

To learn more about living in Blue Ridge, feel free to contact us today.