Retirees that are considering moving into Blue Ridge often have numerous inquiries. They might have questions regarding the differences between independent or assisted living, as well as the amenities they’ll have access to. Completing the lifestyle quiz below will help you decide which option is the best.

Are You Looking for a Short-Term or Long-Term Care Plan for Senior Living?

Assisted living is designed to provide extended care, and includes things such as nursing and medical assistance. Respite care is shorter in duration and is designed to provide assistance that lasts from days to months depending on the needs of the patient.

Do You Require Personal Care Assistance for Activities of Daily Senior Living?

While some elders are active, others need help with daily activities like grooming, feeding, dressing, bathing, toileting, and medication management. Those who become members of Blue Ridge will also enjoy complimentary services like transportation, concierge, maintenance, and housekeeping with chef-prepared meals.

Are You Looking to Have Access to Retirement Community Events and Activities to
Maintain Good Health?

We provide annual activities and events where residents can socialize and get to know one another. Each get-together is carefully planned by our executive director who provides a complete calendar of yearly activities which are diverse and exciting.

Are You Looking for a Suitable Senior Living Care Plan for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s
or Dementia?

Alzheimer’s and dementia are two of the most devastating diseases that a person can develop. Although scientists are still searching for a suitable cure, we provide the SHINE® based memory care which is a system exclusive to Blue Ridge. It is designed to treat residents who suffer from these two diseases along with other memory-related issues. We also offer therapy and medical services onsite along with personal and nursing care for daily needs.

Are You Having Trouble Getting Out and About on Your Own?

Mobility challenges are a common problem among some aging retirees and can arise as the result of injury, illness, or surgical recovery. To help our members get around, we have a group of professional chauffeurs who are licensed and can take you to appointments as well as fun excursions which will give you the opportunity to tour the surrounding area.

Are You Having Difficulty Keeping Up with Your Medication and Meals?

Some elders have challenges managing their medication or preparing meals. It isn’t unusual for them to be taking multiple medications at once, and getting the dosages confused can lead to adverse reactions or overdose. This is why Blue Ridge incorporates nursing care which assists residents with things such as glucose monitoring, medication administration, and blood pressure analysis.

These services are designed to ensure that residents are always taking their medications on schedule and in the correct doses. Regarding food, we employ a gourmet chef who will cook sumptuous meals on a daily basis. The ingredients used are fresh and will be served via a mealtime schedule that is flexible, and residents have the option of eating in our lovely dining hall or the meals can be delivered to their private domicile.