At Blue Ridge, we have so much confidence in our amenities and services that we’re offering satisfaction guarantees to elders that decide to become residents of the community. This gives them peace of mind in knowing they’ll receive a full refund in the event they choose to postpone relocation.

About Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team has considerable experience collaborating with retirees and managing the community in a manner where resort-level services are provided on a daily basis. Blue Ridge is distinct from standard retirement homes which focus too much on looking after elders. Our goal is to give members a lavish experience while empowering them to become as autonomous as possible.

Benefits of Having a Satisfaction Guarantee in Your Senior Living Community

Many retirees have trepidation when it comes to relocating to standard retirement homes because they fear a loss of freedom and independence. While traditional retirement centers do care for members, they sometimes do it in a manner that is overbearing where residents are made to feel like children.

Blue Ridge is completely different. We encourage as much independence as possible, and in fact, we provide a number of therapy programs that are designed to boost the mental and physical attributes of each resident so they can take full advantage of the many recreational events we offer. We employ the industry’s top anti-aging researchers who will demonstrate ways to minimize aging’s adverse effects while preventing conditions such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

The primary advantage of visiting our community is that you will get to “try before buying.” You can reside with us for a set period of time to see how you like the atmosphere before making a full commitment.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Blue Ridge is highly versatile. We welcome active elders that value their autonomy and independence but we also have the resources and personnel to assist retirees that have mobility challenges due to illness and injury. Those who are bedridden or suffering from diseases such as dementia will have access to the best care available, as we provide lifestyles that are designed to minimize the impact of such conditions or prevent their emergence entirely.

Why Choose Blue Ridge?

There is a saying that prevention is preferable to cures, and we embrace this belief wholeheartedly. It is the reason we recommend retirees relocating into our community while they’ll still active, because once they develop a health problem, it can be extremely difficult or even impossible to eradicate. Retirees all over Georgia choose to join us because we offer top tier therapy and fitness programs that are designed to help them keep their bodies and minds in prime condition for as long as they live, which enables them to enjoy their golden years in comfort and tranquility rather than sorrow and despair, and when you consider the many upscale amenities offer, your satisfaction is definitely our guarantee.

To learn more about living in Blue Ridge, feel free to contact us today.