At Blue Ridge, you can expect to socialize with people of your own age, participating in fruitful activities that stimulate your mind and strengthen your body. We offer a wide array of onsite amenities as well as senior living events that are designed to suit your personal and medical needs. You can look forward to picking up a new skill and receiving the treatment you need to regain the independence that you once had. At Blue Ridge, you can retire healthily so as to lead a stress-free senior lifestyle. Come explore what our award-winning senior living community in Copperhill has to offer you or an older loved one. Schedule a tour today!

Enjoyable Dining Experiences in Copperhill

Do not fret if you find that meal preparation has become more of a chore than a need. As we age, it is normal for us to experience a decline in health. This may cause us to experience difficulty in portioning and preparing our daily meals which can, in turn, cause us to suffer from nutrient deficiency which can harm our health. At Blue Ridge, you will get three meals served directly from our grand dining hall. You can savor rich flavors from all over the world, while also fulfilling your daily nutritional needs.

Convenient Housekeeping Services in Copperhill

Cleaning our apartment daily can be overwhelming especially if we are living with sickness or are recuperating from an injury. At our senior living community, residents get to enjoy convenient housekeeping services which let them rest in a clean and sanitary environment without all the hard work. Our housekeepers are all professionally-trained to deliver services that meet high industry standards.

Concierge Services in Copperhill

With so many fun senior living activities to enjoy, we may overlook other important things like our doctor’s appointments. With professional concierge services at Blue Ridge, residents will not have to miss any upcoming schedules. Our concierge will assist them to handle any arrangements so they will get to focus on improving their health and maintaining their independence. Our concierge is available around the clock so residents will receive the assistance they need at any time of the day.

Transportation Assistance in Copperhill

Residents sometimes prefer to get out to town to have their meals with their loved ones or simply head to the mall to run their personal errands. At Blue Ridge, we aim to provide safety to our residents regardless of where they are. Thus, we offer them complimentary transportation services so they can get to their destinations safely. We operate our own fleet of vehicles, thus saving residents the hassle of taking inaccessible public transportation.

Why Choose Blue Ridge?

Experience the best in senior care at Blue Ridge, where all your personal and medical needs will be taken care of professionally by healthcare experts. Our team has undergone extensive training and is equipped with the latest industry skills and knowledge to help you maintain good health and enhance your mobility. We have various on-site treatment programs including therapy and rehabilitation services which can stimulate your mind and improve your bodily functions. With regained freedom, you are set to enjoy beneficial activities for a rewarding senior lifestyle.

To learn more about senior living in Copperhill, feel free to contact us today.