Blue Ridge offers you with affordable, person-oriented senior living in Ducktown. You are set to experience a warm and welcoming environment where you will feel safe and comfortable throughout your stay. There are several senior living floor plans for you to choose from, with each apartment home being equipped with modern fixtures and top-of-the-line appliances to let you better manage your day-to-day tasks with ease. If you would like to check out our accommodation options and on-site amenities, feel free to visit our senior living community today.

Enjoyable Dining Experiences in Ducktown

Having access to well-balanced diets can help us to maintain good health. If you find that preparing daily meals has started to take a toll on your health, you can rely on our senior living catered dining program. We offer residents with chef-prepared meals that are cooked by an executive chef who hand-picks fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Our meals are inspired by both local and international cuisines that rotate every week to provide residents with a large variety of options.

Convenient Housekeeping Services in Ducktown

Staying in a clean and healthy environment is essential to help relieve us from stress and worries. At Blue Ridge, our apartment homes are all fully maintained by our trained housekeepers who comply with strict cleanliness standards. Residents will not have to fuss over taxing household chores so they can set their minds to participating in beneficial senior living events and activities instead. We also offer laundry services so residents can maintain a presentable appearance at all times.

Concierge Services in Ducktown

Making an appointment, reserving a table, sending a loved one flowers or gifts, and booking tickets are all time-consuming processes that require effort. For residents who need help with any arrangements, our concierge can take care of their personal needs on a professional level. Our concierge services are available around the clock so residents can easily liaise with our team according to their most comfortable timing.

Transportation Assistance in Ducktown

Getting to town can be troublesome for some older adults who are not familiar with the area. Bus routes can be confusing sometimes and public transportation may not be that accessible during certain timings. At Blue Ridge, residents are offered with complimentary transportation services that can easily be coordinated by our concierge. Residents with mobility aids will also be offered transportation assistance so they can travel to their destinations in comfort and safety.

Why Choose Blue Ridge?

Blue Ridge focuses on delivering superior care and world-class amenities that let you retire comfortably in a much more enriching environment. Our senior living community comes with a Grande Clubhouse where daily senior living events are carried out in a supervised manner. Residents are free to pursue their personal interests and discover other exciting hobbies that let them stay fit and mentally active. There is also an extensive list of services offered on site that help residents maintain their personal grooming and overall well-being. Become a resident of Blue Ridge for an all-inclusive senior living experience.

To learn more about senior living in Ducktown, feel free to contact us today.